Seychelles IBC Company

About that Country :

The Republic of Seychelles is a 115 island country in the Indian Ocean. It is also part of the British Commonwealth.
The Seychelles have been offering attractive offshore company formation packages, since 1994, with the passing of the International Business Companies Act. It is a secure, confidential and tax-free jurisdiction which is rapidly growing due to the Seychelles protection regulations and flexible structuring of companies.
The Seychelles may be an ideal choice for a International Business Company (IBC) formation. Offering a broad range of offshore services, with low costs, strict privacy laws and tax-free opportunities.

Why form an IBC in Seychelles ?

No minimum Capital Requirements

Only one Director or Shareholder

No publicly accessible record of Directors or Shareholders

Low Government fees

Tax Free Structures

International Trade Zone

No Corporate Tax

No filling of accounts requirements

Asset Protection

Banking Secrecy

Asset Protection

Professional, skilled, bilingual workforce

Modern Communication network

Options for work and residence permits for foreign investors

Own or manage a Seychelles registered vessel or aircraft is permitted for an IBC

Seychelles IBC Company Registration Requirements :

An approved local agent needs to be used for formation, a local registered office is also required.
A few of the requirements are the Name of the company to be incorporated, a physical address, certified copies of valid passports or national ID cards, such as those issued in the European Union. These need to be certified by either a Notary Public, Bank or by the issuing country’s Embassy. A Character reference may also be required.

Government Fees and Taxation :
Government Fees :
Minimum Government Formation Charge
$100 USD
Recurring Minimum Annual Company License Fee
$100 USD
Annual Return Filing Fee
Not Applicable
Corporate Tax :
Corporation Tax
Access to Double Taxation Treaties

All Seychelles International Business Companies are exempt from tax on all profits derived outside of Seychelles.

Taxation :

There are many tax incentives to establish a Seychelles International Business Company such as, no tax on profits derived from outside of the Seychelles.
There is also no stamp duty on exchange of shares or the sales of any other assets. No sales tax, no withholding tax, no import or export tax, no value added tax, to name a few.

Company Formation : Starts $1500