St.Vincent IBC Company

About that Country :

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (also known as just St Vincent) is an island country in Caribbean Sea.
Saint Vincent has some of the strongest confidentiality laws globally, being one of only three financial privacy laws in operation in the world, the Preservation of Confidential Relationships (International Finance) Act 1996, is the only law of its kind to be found in an independent sovereign nation.
Along with their privacy laws, an International Business Company in St. Vincent is also a tax free vehicle for many business and investment opportunities.

Why from an IBC In St. Vincent :

Exempt from all taxes for 25 years. (Option of 1% Tax on all profits where investor’s domestic law requires evidence of tax distribution)

Strong Asset Protection

Privacy – Strong Confidentiality law protecting against disclosure

No Double Taxation Treaties or sharing of trading activities

Low Incorporation and Annual Fees

Stamp Duty Exemption on share and property transactions for 25 years

No Financial Reporting Requirements

Fast Incorporation

St. Vincent IBC Company Registration Requirements :

For the formation of an IBC in St. Vincent, there is a requirement of only one Director. In the instance that the company shall have more than one shareholder, then two directors are required.
The IBC is permitted to merge with subsidiaries and also consolidate with foreign companies. It may issue management mandates and power of attorney, in writing to any person.
There is a requirement to submit to Register, the name of the company to be incorporated, the names of the Director (or Directors if more than one shareholder), Names of the officers of the company, the number of shares to be issued, names of the shareholder(s) and the number or share to be issued, currency in which the shares shall be issued and the amount of Authorised Capital.
The only information which is held on public record is a Certificate of Compliance, from either the Registered Agent or a Solicitor, which confirms that all requirements of the International Business Company Act, has been complied with.
There is the option of two types of Incorporation Certificates, firstly with the Director’s names display and the other option is without this. There is no need to submit a list of shareholders and the beneficial owners of shares are also protected by the “Preservation of Confidential Relationships (International Finance) Act 1996, ensuring their details remain private.
Changing of the company name or other amendments to the existing company name can be done through the amendment of the original Articles of Incorporation.

Government Fees and Taxation :
Government Fees :
Minimum Government Formation Charge
$125 USD
Recurring Minimum Annual Company License Fee
$125 USD
Annual Return Filing Fee
Not Applicable
Corporate Tax :
Corporation Tax
Access to Double Taxation Treaties
All St. Vincent International Business Companies are exempt from taxes such as Corporation, Inheritance, Capital Gains and Estate Tax, to name a few.
Taxation :
All St. Vincent IBCs are exempt from taxes or the first 25 years from the date of first registration. IBCs have the option of paying income tax at the rate of 1% in St. Vincent on all profits, where the investor’s domestic law requires tax distribution evidence, this is under the Caricom Tax Treaty.

Company Formation : Starts $1500