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LLC Company formation in Dubai

Best structure to access Government business and UAE local markets
Dubai LLC formation: A popular legal structure for setting up local business. Foreign investors have fought shy of making a local company (LLC) because of the 51% ownership that must be given to United Arab Emirates (UAE) nationals. Not to worry. You can still take advantage of using an LLC structure without having to share your returns on the investments.

LLC company in Dubai: The main benefits.

A Dubai LLC formation offers unrivaled access to the Dubai government business and the local UAE economy.

There are few restrictions on the activities of a Dubai LLC formation. and it is possible to obtain a license for most activities.

Through a Dubai LLC formation, investors obtain a strong physical presence in Dubai. Cost effective office space is easier to find in the city as compared to the free zones.

A Dubai LLC formation may or may not be subject to minimum capital requirements, dependent on the size, nature and type of business activity.

It is easy to open global corporate bank accounts following a Dubai LLC formation.

Company Formation : Starts $1500