Seychelles SDL

About that Country :

Atrium Legal Lab is a leading international corporate and legal consultancy firm advising financial, institutional, business and private clients around the world. We are a full-service firm and our team of professional experts with high technical ability and wealth of experience differentiates Atrium Legal Lab as a leading international Legal and Corporate Business Consultancy firm.

Our local and experienced team provides the highest quality ongoing operation and management of the FSP, which is a requirement to operate and maintain the FSP status. We are offering our services to parties that want to operate a genuine business and we will become your local partner in New Zealand to provide a complete service in operating your FSP.

The advantages of a Seychelles Offshore Securities Dealers License (SDL) :

The SDL holding company can provide bank-like activities such as creation of own FX or CFD related products and taking deposits from clients

There are no restrictions in the number of clients to be accepted

Low required capital / no blocked capital. The required capital to get the license granted is just 50,000 US$. That amount needs to be hold in a bank account at the Seychelles (e.g. with our lawyers) and can be withdrawn as soon as the license is issued. It can be used for building up the company, infrastructure meassures etc.

You are allowed to offer your FX service and Managed Account products publically on your website etc.

We guarantee a bank account opening for your licensed entity in the Seychelles with one of the top-banks with international networks

The Seychelles will join the IBAN Network within 2016; clients will benefit of transfers into their new accounts (to be held with your company) by simply using IBAN and SWIFT/BIC in their transfer forms


ca. 1,5% p.a. – can be reduced to almost 0%.​

Cost :

Total fees for the set up

Company formation : US$4,000

Bank account : US$6,500

Administration : US$12,450

Professional fee : US$15,000

Total fee for the set up : US$37,950

Monthly Fees :

Fully furnished office US$2,300 - US$2,800

Compliance officer US$1,800 - US$2,300

Total monthly fee : US$4,100 - US$5,100

Annual Fees From the 2nd Year :

1. Annual maintenance of the company which includes registered office, corporate secretary filing annual return and filing tax return is US$3,500

2. Securities Dealers License Fee US$2,500

3. Securities Dealers Representative Fee US$500

4. Professional Indemnity Cover US$3,500

5. Legal advisor US$1,200

Total fee from the 2nd year : US$11,200

Application Procedure :

Creation of a Special License Company is NOT a formal, one-for-all process. It requires preparation of a detailed Application for the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This requires substantial amount of information from the client (beneficial owner) of the company.

Alongside several more formal documents, which we would normally be able to prepare independently, the CSL Application file must contain a business plan, indicating objectives of the company, the exact type of activity the company will carry out, a 3-year financial forecast, description of the markets and marketing strategy and details about the company capitalisation. This information can only be provided by the client.

For every beneficial owner, shareholder or director of the Company, a set of due diligence documents will have to be provided alongside the Application. Those include a certified copy of passport, proof of address, bank reference, and a curriculum vitae. Each of those individuals would also need to complete a Personal Application Form.

Upon review and approval of the CSL Application by the FSA, they would issue a Certificate of Approval. This preliminary certificate would enable the registration of the new Company by the Seychelles (domestic) Registrar of Companies. At this stage, the primary incorporation documents of the new company would go to the Registrar of Companies, for proper incorporation.

Upon issue of the Certificate of Incorporation by the Registrar, the new company would come into existence.

Immediately thereafter, based on the information already submitted earlier in the initial CSL Application, FSA would issue the new company with the Special License, at which stage the new firm would become a proper Special License Company.