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While there are many of these MT4/MT5 plugins, some of the most popular are :
Traders Cabinet
Virtual Dealer
Credit Bonus

There are two important points to note here. First, MT4/MT5 Plugins may conflict with each other and may also conflict with MT4/MT5 Bridges (which technically run as MT4/MT5 Plugins.) If there is a conflict it can cause your MT4/MT5 Server to freeze or crash. Before buying a new MT4/MT5 Plugin for your server, it’s advisable to test it in a safe environment.

You can clone your existing live MT4/MT5 Server onto a new dedicated server and install the plugin there. Some developers have taken existing MT4/MT5 plugins and re-programmed them so that the software can operate using only a MT4/MT5 Manager login. This is important in a situation where a MT4/MT5 WL client wants to buy a MT4/MT5 plugin, but the service provider that runs the MT4/MT5 Server does not want to install the MT4/MT5 Plugin for them.